Sony may not be coming to E3 in 2019 but the company has been revealing bits and pieces of information about the next-generation gaming console that it’s working on. It has previously been confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will feature SSD storage, 3D audio, and 8K graphics support in addition to backward compatibility with current PS4 games. Sony has now provided a demo of the PlayStation 5 load times and they’re impressive, to say the least.

The shift from HDD to SSD storage would have understandably contributed to the improvement in load times but one also has to factor in the other hardware improvements which will speed up load times significantly.

Sony played this demo during a recent investor relations meeting. The demo is based on the Spider-Man game which was used to load cities and navigate them rapidly. It takes just over 8 seconds for the PlayStation 4 Pro to load a level in Spider-Man while the PS5, identified only as the Next Generation, does the same in under one second.

It’s also capable of better handling the dynamic maps which load portions of the game as the player navigates through it. This does away with the spinning circle or pause when moving from one part of the map to another.

Sony hasn’t confirmed a ton about the PS5 but from what it has shown so far, the next generation console is shaping up to be quite a powerful product. The company has confirmed that it won’t arrive until 2020.

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