It can often be confusing to get something delivered to a place that doesn’t have a traditional address. For example, if you’d like to have some snacks delivered while you’re at the park on a beautiful day, you’d have to wonder how you’d go about doing that. 7-Eleven is taking the pain out of that process with its new delivery feature that can bring snacks and drinks out to you at the park or other public spaces.


Customers who use the 7NOW delivery app can order products from the convenience retailer to thousands of locations called 7NOW Pins. They enable customers to receive deliveries to places like beaches, parks, sports fields, entertainment venues, and other public spaces that may not have conventional addresses.

When placing an order to be delivered through 7NOW Pins, customers can opt for fresh and hot foods, beverages, beer and wine, cosmetics, snacks, home goods, and many other products. Orders can be placed using the app which will auto locate the customer’s current location or show the nearest 7NOW Pin.

Each pin corresponds to a public place or space where the delivery can be received. Couriers pick up the order from the nearest participating 7-Eleven store and then deliver it to the selection pin location or the specified address in 30 minutes or less in most cases. The service is available around the clock and there’s no minimum order requirement. It’s currently available 27 urban areas across the country.

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