Google Maps is a great resource for finding transit directions and it will also tell you how long it will take you to reach your destination. What it could tell you was just how crowded your train or bus ride was going to be. Google is rolling out a new feature today which will predict crowdedness for transit options.

A crowded bus or train ride isn’t the most peaceful experience in the world. You often find yourself packed into big crowds like sardines in a can. It can get hot and sweaty in there, quickly making you wonder why you didn’t decide to take a taxi instead.

Google Maps wants to take the pain out of this as well. It has introduced crowdedness predictions so that users can see just how crowded their bus, train or subway ride might be. The predictions will be based on past rides. They will help commuters decide whether or not they want to travel in a can of sardines or just wait a few more minutes to grab the next train or bus where their chances of getting a seat might be higher.

Google says that this feature will be rolling out in almost 200 cities across the globe for users on both iOS and Android starting today.

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