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At the moment when it comes to foldable phones, the most obvious design is a phone that opens and closes like a book. This is the design that both Samsung and Huawei have adopted for their upcoming foldable handsets. However, it seems that Google might have taken that idea and run with it.

In a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, it seems that they have stumbled across a design patented by Google that reveals the company’s plans for a foldable device with as many as four screens. As you can see in the drawing, it looks like a book of sorts where each of the displays act as pages that you can flip through.

Now, exactly how such a device should be used is unclear and to be fair, no one really knows the full potential of foldable devices since nothing has been officially released yet. However, this patent does highlight some of the potentials of how foldable/flexible displays can be used where it can result in less-conventional designs for new products.

Given that this is a patent, there’s no telling if Google plans on making it a reality, although in the past, Google did confirm that they are exploring foldable technology, but whether or not it results in an actual product remains to be seen.

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