Earlier this month, Google announced that its Stadia game streaming service will be launching this November and there is an option for users to pay $9.99 a month that will let them stream games in 4K at 60 fps as well as access a library of older games. However, Google did not mention how much the individual games would cost.


Now, since Stadia is a streaming service unlike Steam or buying a physical copy, we’re sure that some might assume that its games could be cheaper. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for Stadia games to be cheaper than normal, think again because Google has pretty much shot that idea down.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Stadia chief Phil Harrison was quoted as saying, “I don’t know why it would be cheaper. The value you get from the game on Stadia means you can play it on any screen in your life – TV, PC, laptop, tablet, phone. I think that is going to be valuable to players.” Harrison also notes that publishers and developers are still very much in charge of the pricing, so it will be up to them to dictate how much they plan on pricing their Stadia games.

“The publisher or the developer is in as much control of the prices as we are, so it’s a bit difficult for me to say what the prices will be right now. But, we’re obviously going to be very aware of prevailing prices in the marketplace.” So, if you’re hoping that Stadia games will be cheaper, it doesn’t seem to be the case, but we’ll have to wait until Stadia’s launch to find out.

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