The ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China has caused quite a few problems for Huawei and it seems that there may still be more turbulence for the company. There’s quite a lot of uncertainty about the future of Huawei’s smartphones, so much so that the company has reportedly instructed its contract manufacturer to pause production.


Ever since Huawei was entered into the U.S. Entity list, it has been prevented from doing business with U.S. companies, which were quick to cut their ties with Huawei. The Chinese company has been trying to work around these limitations but the uncertainty about its future is far from over.

Huawei’s smartphones have also suffered a setback in other countries as the situation continues to evolve. This has reportedly forced Huawei to limit the production of its devices. It’s said that Huawei has told Foxconn to reduce the number of its being produced as demand is expected to fall. It’s even said that production lines for some models have completely been halted.

It’s unclear at this point in time how long it would take for things to look up again for Huawei. The trade dispute between the two countries doesn’t show any signs of a thaw at this point in time.

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