Intel wants to make overclocking simpler which is why it has now released an automatic overclocking tool for some 9th gen Core CPUs called the Intel Performance Maximizer. The tool takes a look at the individual settings of each processor and then uses what the company calls “hyper-intelligent automation” to overclock them for a performance bump. This means that users can have one-click overclocking without having to make any changes to the BIOS settings themselves.


The tool doesn’t exactly break new ground. AMD’s Ryzen Master tool is basically the same thing but for AMD’s Ryzen processors. Intel continues to offer the Extreme Tuning Utility for users who would much rather overclock their chips manually.

Do bear in mind that the Intel Performance Maximizer tool only works with six processors so unless you have a machine with one of them, it will be back to manual overclocking for you. The supported chips include teh Core i9-9900K/KF, Core i7-9700K/KF, and the Core i5-9600K/KF.

So, basically, three main processor models are supported with a split between SKUs with onboard graphics (“K”) and those on which onboard graphics have been disabled by Intel (“KF”). One can only hope that Intel will eventually expand the support to more processors as well. It’s unlikely, though, that older generation processors might get support for this tool.

The Intel Performance Maximizer is available as a free download from the company’s website.

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