With the AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation family of processors just around the corner, it seems that Intel is worried about what the availability of Ryzen 3000 processors might do for its own chip sales. A report claims that Intel has decided to cut the prices of its processes by 10-15 percent to make its offerings more enticing to customers from a price perspective.

There’s considerable anticipation for the arrival of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series which brings the 7nm Zen 2 architecture to mainstream processors for the very first time. AMD has had a chance to upstage Intel with its 7nm chips before the latter even has a chance to launch its Ice Lake or Lakefield chips.

In this context, it would be understandable why Intel might want to cut the prices of some of its chips to respond to AMD’s newest lineup. DigiTimes reports that Intel has notified its downstream PC and motherboard partners of a cut in price for its eighth and ninth generation CPUs by up to 15 percent. This could result in savings of between $25 to $75 for those processors.

Intel hasn’t confirmed or denied this report as yet. Many will certainly be interested in finding out if the company does indeed intend on doing this. Perhaps we might get an official announcement before AMD releases its next lineup of mainstream processors on July 7th.

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