What should you be drinking when you’re engrossed in a serious gaming session with your Razer mouse and keyboard on your Razer gaming PC? A Razer energy drink. What had originally started off as an April Fools’ gag many years ago is now a reality. Razer today launched its very own energy drink called Respawn.


Razer had first introduced a gaming drink called Razer Venom as an April Fools’ gag. It wasn’t an actual product at that point in time but the company has now come up with something else entirely. It’s a powdered drink mix that you just dump into a shaker with water and sip on when you’re gaming.

These little sachets of flavored power is going to be available in a box of 20 for $24.99. You can also opt for a branded Razer Respawn mixer bottle for an additional $29.99 if you want to flex during your next e-sports tournament.

Razer is talking up the various benefits of this energy drink, claiming that it will provide you with “enhanced concentration” and “increased alertness and focus.” Whether or not you actually feel a difference is another matter altogether.

What this does more than anything is providing Razer another avenue to make its presence felt at e-sports arenas where conventional energy drink manufacturers such as Monster and Mountain Dew already have a presence.

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