Gamers wait for Steam’s annual sale every year as it allows them to pick up some great titles at discounted rates. The Steam 2019 Summer Sale has finally begun after the dates had been leaked out earlier. It will run through to July 9th as expected. Gamers will get discounts on thousands of PC games across different genres.

There’s an added incentive for Steam to go all out with its summer sale this year. The first major sitewide sale was held by the Epic Games Store recently. It offered some deep discounts on titles while it also plays host to exclusive PC versions of major games such as The Division 2.

Steam may have more games overall and operate at a much greater volume but it can see the challenge coming from the Epic Games Store. This is why it has every reason to make this year’s summer sale even bigger for gamers.

There are dozens of titles available at a discount through the Steam 2019 Summer Sale. Popular games like Devil May Cry 5 can be picked up for $39.59, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for $30, Yakuza 0 for $10, Shadow of the Tomb Raider for $24, and more.

All of the discounted titles are listed on the Steam Store now.

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