The Epic Games Store refund policy wasn’t that flexible at launch but the company has now made amends. The new policy is similar to the one that Steam offers which obviously works in Epic’s favor since it’s looking to steal Steam’s thunder. The new refund policy is more flexible and allows for unlimited refunds. There are some conditions attached to that, obviously.

When the Epic Games Store was launched, it only allowed customers to request two refunds in an entire year. They were allowed refunds even with unlimited hours of play but customers had to submit details like their IP address in a support ticket to get their money back.

Epic has now confirmed that obtaining refunds is going to be easier. Customers can get unlimited refunds within 14 days of purchase, provided that they have racked up less than two hours of play time.

Customers are currently required to submit a support request in order to obtain a refund. Epic’s Sergey Galyonkin does say that the team is working on a self-service option which would eliminate the need to go through player support for refunds. There’s also no need to provide information such as the IP address for refunds as long as the other criteria is met.

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