The Cuphead game has its own separate fanbase and if any of them own Tesla cars, they may be able to play that game on their in-car display within a few months. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that the company has gotten the game working on the display and that it could be rolled out over the summer.

Musk made this revelation on IGN reporter Ryan McCaffrey’s Ride the Lightning podcast. He said that the company has been working with Cuphead’s developer to port the game over to the in-car display.

Tesla is no stranger to allowing car owners to play games on the in-car display. It even added some classic Atari games as an easter egg in October last year. Musk also said last month that Tesla was working to bring the Unity and Unreal Engine over to its car displays which would enable owners to play a variety of games with the touchscreen, steering wheel buttons, and Xbox/PlayStation controllers when the car is parked.

Musk did talk about a major challenge during the podcast. The company hadn’t anticipated having all of these games on the in-car display which is why storage is a challenge. “So you might have to decide what game you want to play, then it will download. So if you want to play other games, delete that one and download another one,” he said.

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