Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are in the plant-based protein or “fake meat” business and they will soon have a big competitor to deal with. Tyson Foods is entering the market. It happens to be the largest producer of meat in the country and now it’s going to sell plant-based protein as well.


Tyson Foods has launched a pea-based chicken nugget alternative as part of its new Raised & Rooted alternative protein brand. The company says that this brand was developed to deliver “great-tasting” blended and plant-based foods which are “rooted in how people eat today.”

The initial products include plant-based nuggets and blended burgers made from a combination of beef and plants. These products will launch with several retail customers later this year. Tyson’s existing Aidells brand has also launched Aidells Whole Blends sausage and meatballs that are made with chicken and plant-based ingredients.

The company is uniquely positioned to introduce such new products to the market given its immense experience in protein product development, manufacturing, and distribution. It says that major retail and foodservice customers have expressed interest in what it can offer in this space. It will start selling the Raised & Rooted nuggets through national retailers in late summer with the blended burgers arriving this fall.

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