Smartphone manufacturers have been trying a number of different solutions to avoid having to use a notch for the front facing camera. The hole punch displays put camera sensors in an orifice that’s within the active display area while some manufacturers have opted for sliding mechanisms to make the front camera appear out of the frame. Some have now started experimenting with under display camera technology which eliminates the need for all of that.


As the name suggests, an under display camera is positioned beneath the display panel. It’s hidden behind the phone’s screen entirely. This means that the OLED display requires no notches, holes or sliding mechanisms.

Xiaomi merely posted a video on Twitter showing off this technology not long after Oppo said that it was showing off the world’s first under display camera. Xiaomi hasn’t provided any details about how this technology works. Its tweet only goes to show that Oppo is far from the only company that has been working on this tech.

Xiaomi’s prototype of a smartphone with an under display camera does appear to be functional but it’s unclear as of right now if and when the company is planning on bringing this device to market.

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