Cheating has been a problem plaguing games for decades, but developers and publishers have started to come up with a variety of ways to deal with it. In Blizzard’s case, they have resorted to some pretty harsh penalties for cheaters in Overwatch, where right out of the gate when the game was launched, Blizzard was swift with its ban of cheaters looking to exploit the game.

Now it seems that Blizzard will be taking things one step further, where if they detect that there is cheating going on in an ongoing Overwatch match, they will not hesitate to put an end to it on the spot. It is unclear how Blizzard plans on detecting ongoing cheating, but this is something that they are looking to implement.

The good news for non-cheaters is that if your match gets ended because of a cheater, you won’t lose SR points during a competitive match. Instead, the only person that would be penalized would be the cheater, in which Blizzard said that they would face “very harsh actions”.

The new system is currently live on the public test realm and we expect that it shouldn’t be too long before it finds its way into the main game. With Blizzard positioning Overwatch as a competitive game, it’s not surprising that they’re being especially harsh with cheaters if they are hoping that Overwatch will be taken seriously.

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