If you’re still enjoying Overwatch and wouldn’t mind seeing a new hero being added to the roster, you’re in luck because following a series of hints that Blizzard could have something new to announce, the company has officially teased its latest hero to the game in the form of Sigma, a mad scientist type of character.

According to the brief description of the teaser video, it reads, “Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.” Players who are interested can watch the animated short in the video above that should give them an idea of what kind of character Sigma is.

Not much is known about the character’s abilities, but some are speculating that the character could possibly wield a set of grenades that can curve or maybe even an anti-gravity beam. There is also no word on when the character will be released, but given that in the past we’ve seen Blizzard release characters into the PTR not too long after they’re announced, hopefully players won’t have to wait too long for this character either.

The company has been steadily introducing new characters to the game ever since its release, and with Sigma, it brings the total number of heroes up to 31.

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