Science fiction writers have an incredible imagination. They can dream up events and technologies that might not be possible today but could become possible decades down the line. In order to figure out what its armed forces might be up against in the future. the French military is hiring science fiction writers.

According to The Telegraph, France’s Defence Innovation Agency has formed a “Red Team” with four or five science fiction writers which will be tasked with coming up with “scenarios of disruption.” They would essentially have to think of out of the box threats that the country’s military might face in the future.

The idea is obviously to figure out what sort of threats the military might face on the battlefield in the future. These writers won’t be cooking up stories of fighting aliens or other extraterrestrial beings, they will basically “try and anticipate how terrorist groups or hostile states might use advanced technology against France.”

These writers won’t be predicting the future. They would simply use science fiction as a tool so as to come up with ideas which the conventional military strategists may not be able to think about otherwise. It’s certainly a novel way to go about this and it remains to be seen what the efficacy of this strategy will be.

Filed in Military.. Source: telegraph