Back in 2018, Google launched a tool aimed at bloggers and webmasters called Blog Compass. This was a tool designed to help provide users with more insights about their blog, highlight topic that are trending, and so on. The idea is that this would allow bloggers to find more interesting topics to write about.

In theory it sounds like an excellent tool, but it seems that maybe in real-life, users weren’t that interested or might be used to other tools that got the job done in a better fashion. This has ultimately led to Google shutting down the service. This was discovered by Android Police who found that when users tried to open the app, they were instead greeted by a goodbye message.

According to the message, “After several months, we have decided to turn down the Blog Compass app. If you want to continue managing your blog, check out the Blogger or Site Kit by Google for WordPress.” Google has yet to give an official reason behind the shutdown, but presumably lack of interest could be the reason.

This is not the first time that a company has killed off a product or service shortly after its launch due to a lack of interest. After all, why would they continue to invest their time and resources into a product that not many people are using, right?

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