What would you “for the gram”? It turns out that there are some Instagrammers who are looking for ways to get more “likes” for their photos, even if it means posing in lakes that they later find out are poisonous. That seems to be happening to some Instagrammers who took photos at a lake in Spain called Monte Neme.

This lake is actually an abandoned quarry connected to a Tungsten mine that was used during World War II. The lake has a bright turquoise hue to it due to the chemical reactions, so while it might look beautiful, it is actually rather toxic. Some Instagrammers who decided to wade into the waters to get their shots ended up getting hospitalized.

They were reporting that these Instagrammers suffered from damage to their skin where they got rashes that lasted for weeks. Some also suffered from digestive problems after they swallowed some of the water, resulting in them throwing up. You would think that these health problems aren’t worth the risk, but not everyone thinks so.

Speaking to Publico, at least one Instagrammer told the Spanish publication that the allergic reactions and the rashes were bad, but was ultimately worth it to snag the photo.

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