The other day, Nintendo officially announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. For all intents and purposes, the Switch Lite seemed identical to the Switch, except that it was smaller, lacked detachable controllers, could not connect to a TV, and was also cheaper. However, it seems that the differences between consoles is big enough where not all games will be supported.


For example, games that require the console to be connected to the TV will not be supported on the Switch Lite. Games that are also played in tabletop mode will not be supported either. Some games that require the gamers to have a Joy-Con will also not be supported, but in those instances, there are some that will work if players connect Joy-Con controllers to their console.

It has also been revealed that Nintendo Labo games will not be compatible with the Switch Lite as well, which makes sense given that the DIY kit requires detachable controllers in some instances. It is a bit disappointing that not all games will be supported and it is unclear how big of an impact this will have on gamers.

However, if most of the games you play do not require a TV or Joy-Cons, then perhaps the $199 Switch Lite could still be worth your consideration. In the meantime, Nintendo has confirmed that Switch game saves can be transferred to the Switch Lite, but how exactly remains to be seen.

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