For gamers who enjoyed games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, the modern equivalent that most would agree comes close would be the Pillar of Eternity series. Now, there have been two games released as part of that series so far, with the second launching on the Nintendo Switch.


It seems a bit strange that the sequel is on the Switch while the original is not, especially for gamers who might not have played the series before and would essentially be starting in the middle. The good news is that if you are looking to complete the series, or at least until its latest release, you’re in luck.

The developers behind the game have announced that come 8th of August, they will be releasing the original Pillars of Eternity on the Nintendo Switch. This will be a bundled version of the game where both of the White March expansions will be released together with it, ensuring that gamers will have access to all of its content.

“Greetings, Watchers! We are happy to announce that the original Pillars of Eternity adventure is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 8th, complete with both of the White March expansions!” If you are interested in getting your hands on it, the game is currently available for pre-order via Nintendo’s website.

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