As far as in-room amenities go, a full-size Boeing 737-800 flight simulator is pretty rare, unless you’re staying at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo, Japan. The hotel is connected to Terminal 2 of Haneda International Airport and it now offers a room called “Superior Cockpit Room” which, as previously mentioned, has a proper Boeing 737-800 flight simulator installed in the room.

The hotel offers various packages for experiencing the simulator. You could just book it for 90 minutes with an instructor for 30,000 yen or about $275. The instructor will guide you through the experience of flying from Haneda to Osaka International Airport.

You can also rent the entire room for 25,300 yen per night but that would obviously be without the instructor. You’ll be free to toy around with the simulator as you please. Since the actual runway of Haneda airport can be seen from the rooms, you can also enjoy a bit of plane spotting from the comfort of your own hotel room.

Hotels pride themselves on offering unique experiences to their customers. This is right up there with some of the most fun you can have in a hotel room, that’s if you’re an aviation geek, so one can imagine that the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu may not be short of bookings for this particular room.

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