Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is not a new game by any means, and its graphics are kind of dated. Granted, Blizzard has made efforts with every expansion to improve on the graphics of the game, but admittedly it still does not look like many of the modern games that have been released in recent years.

We’re not sure if Blizzard ever plans on releasing a sequel to the game or revamping the game’s graphics (although it does have a rather signature look), but modder Daniel L has given us a glimpse as to what the game could look like if it were given a makeover. Over the past few years, he has recreated several areas of the game using Unreal Engine 4, and boy, does it look amazing!

Looking at the game, at a glance we might have thought that it could be Bethesda’s Skyrim. That being said, we have to say that while we are impressed with what Daniel L has accomplished, it does seem to be missing the iconic cartoony look that gave World of Warcraft its signature look. This does come across feeling a bit too polished, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We know that several years ago, Blizzard was working on a sequel to the game which was ultimately cancelled and scrapped in favor of Overwatch. World of Warcraft is definitely not as popular as it once was, but it still one of the longest-running MMORPGs in existence right now.

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