There are plenty of apps these days that come with filters for our faces, such as by making us look older, younger, swapping genders, making us look like a dog or cat, and so on. There are also some beauty filters that can make us look slimmer, more fair skin, bigger eyes, and so on and so forth.

These filters are incredibly popular and are used widely by social media users, but as they say, you should never 100% believe what’s posted on social media. Such was the case over in China where a popular vlogger had her real face revealed after there was a glitch with the face filter program that she was using.

The vlogger in question, known as Your Highness Qiao Biluo, was doing a live stream with another vlogger when the filter glitched. To make things worse, her fans and followers had been begging her to show her real face, in which she said she would only do so when she receives 100,000 yuan worth of gifts.

However, upon the filter malfunctioning and revealing the vlogger’s real face, which looked nothing like her filters, many began to withdraw their support for her, pulling back their gifts and getting refunds. While we think the use of filters is fine, it just goes to show that we definitely should take what we see online with a grain of salt.

While you might think that this could be the end of the vlogger’s career, there is kind of a happy ending to this story. Despite there being some initial backlash, the vlogger actually ended up getting an outpouring of support and managed to gain more followers than ever, with her fans affectionately calling her “granny”.

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