The Huawei Mate X was officially launched earlier this year, but its release was delayed where it was originally expected to arrive in September. However, it seems that the Mate X could be further delayed because during a recent press event held in Huawei’s Shenzhen headquarters, the company alluded that the Mate X could be delayed until November.

For those wondering what’s with the delay, apparently this has to do with Huawei deciding to revisit the overall build quality and design of the handset. This was prompted by Samsung whose Galaxy Fold ran into some issues during the early review of the handset, where reviewers discovered certain problems and build quality issues with the handset, leading to Samsung to ultimately delay the launch of the handset.

In Huawei’s case, the company decided to preempt any issues by delaying it themselves. The company has since made several changes to the handset’s design, where at some point in time, the design team tried to swap out the steel back on the phone for an aluminum one, which would have shaved off some of the weight, but ultimately decided that aluminum wasn’t as strong compared to steel.

There is still no word on when the Mate X phone will be launched, except to say that it will probably be November at the earliest. In the meantime, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Fold will be returning this September, beating the Mate X to the market.

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