These days we’re seeing more companies adopt the subscription model. This is because subscriptions ensure that the developers earn a steady stream of income, even if consumers aren’t using their software or services, kind of like paying for a gym membership that you never use.


Now, some companies still offer single purchases, like Microsoft, or at least they used to. This is because in some changes made to Microsoft’s Home Use Program, the company has decided to make some changes. Office 2019 used to be part of the Home Use Program, but now Microsoft has dropped it from the program.

This is confirmed in the Home Use Program FAQ in which it reads, “Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office Home and Business 2019 are no longer available as Home Use Program offers.” This program, for those unfamiliar, is mostly aimed at employees of a company where they’ll be able to purchase the same version of the software they use at  work for home.

However, now that Microsoft has done away with it, it means that if they do want to keep using the same software they use at work at home, they’ll need to fork out money for a subscription, albeit at a discount for $48.99 a year for Office 365 Personal, or $69.99 a year for Office 365 Home.

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