With Nintendo announcing they will be launching a slightly upgraded Switch model that comes with a larger battery life, we’re sure that there are probably some gamers who might be miffed, especially if they just bought a new Switch ahead of the announcement. This has led to some reports suggesting that Nintendo could be offering gamers an exchange program.

However, it seems that those reports might not be 100% correct. In a statement released to The Verge, a Nintendo spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We do not have a Nintendo Switch exchange program. We always want players to enjoy their Nintendo Switch systems, and if anything ever gets in the way of that, we encourage them to visit http://support.nintendo.com for support, or to contact our consumer support team.”

For those who are unfamiliar, the reports of the exchange program suggested that gamers who purchased a new Nintendo Switch before a certain date were eligible to get an exchange for the newer model if they were willing to foot the bill and send their consoles back to the company. It sounded like a good idea, but unfortunately, it seems that it might not have been true.

It is a bit of a pity as we’re sure that such an exchange program would have given the company a lot of good PR. That being said, apart from the larger battery, both consoles remain identical, so at most gamers will just lose out on a couple of hours of gaming on the go. In the meantime, Nintendo has confirmed that the new Switch consoles will feature a different packaging to avoid confusion, so if you are planning to buy the new Switch, you’ll want to keep that in mind.

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