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Amazon already has a music streaming service which comes bundled with the prime membership. With that, you have an HD music streaming as your option. However, with the new Amazon Music HD service, Amazon plans to offer the highest quality lossless audio possible for an audiophile.

If you are an avid music listener utilizing a lot of streaming apps, then you might be aware of TIDAL – which offers the best quality audio than any other streaming platform. So, Amazon is definitely trying to compete with TIDAL. Even though TIDAL does not have a big userbase, it is still one of the best music streaming platforms.

For the folks wondering, the audio/music on Amazon Music HD will have up to 3730 kbps bitrate while supporting 24-bit audio (192 kHz) as well. Fret not, it is just a better quality specification that most audiophiles will appreciate.

The gadget/earphone/headphone or the device you use will matter if you need to experience the Ultra HD music that amazon plans to provide with this service. You should be good to go on any device (unless that’s too old).

However, you should note that the better earphones/headphones you have – the more chances of experiencing the true Ultra HD audio streaming experience. And, of course, users with a metered connection should keep an eye on the data usage – because it will be technically a lot more than standard audio streaming.

In addition to the technical details, the pricing plans have also been revealed. It will cost 12.99 USD per month for Prime members and 14.99 USD for new users. As an introductory offer, you get to try the service for 90-days.

Considering that it is available for a free trial, you can verify and check whether it really provides the experience it claims. In contrast, TIDAL is on the expensive side even with a free trial offer. So, you should try it out if you are looking for a truly exceptional audio streaming experience.

What do you think about this? Is it worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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