Amazon Could Launch Hi-Def Music Streaming By End Of 2019

Amazon’s music streaming service has been around for a while now, but more recently the company seems to be stepping up their efforts to try and grab a larger slice of the pie. For example, it was just last week that Amazon announced a free ad-supported listening tier that would allow non-Prime members to enjoy their streaming services.

Amazon Music Now Has A Free Ad-Supported Listening Tier

If there is one reason why Spotify is still dominating the music streaming industry, it is because they offer users a free, ad-supported listening tier. This means that users get to stream their songs for free if they don’t mind listening to ads every now and then. This is versus other services like Apple Music that only offers a free trial before users are required to pay for it.

Amazon Music Finally Coming To Android TV

Amazon and Google haven’t always played nicely with each other. We have seen them remove each other’s products from their stores and have developed their own rivals to their competitor’s products. However, with Android TV gradually raising its profile in the home entertainment segment, Amazon now wants its foot in the door. So it has decided to develop an official Amazon Music app for Android TV.

Amazon Music Gets Hands Free Listening With Alexa

Amazon expanded its Alexa digital assistant to its Amazon Music app for iOS and Android in September last year. Users could access the assistant through a tap-to-talk function. Since then, one of the top requests by Amazon Music users has been for a hands-free listening experience and today, Amazon is granting them their wish. The company has confirmed that hands free music listening is coming to Amazon Music courtesy of […]


Amazon Music App Gets Alexa Voice Controls

Amazon today announced that Alexa is now available inside its music streaming app for iOS and Android in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and Austria. The Amazon Music app now has Alexa baked right in. It’s capable of offering a blend of natural language voice controls with a compelling visual app experience.“Now our mobile listeners can enjoy an entirely new app experience that combines the power and simplicity of […]

Amazon Music Gets Support For Android Auto

There are countless music streaming apps that already support Android Auto but Amazon Music is more your cup of tea then you’re going to appreciate that the app has been updated with support for Google’s in-car infotainment platform. Amazon Music app allows Prime members to stream music from the Prime library which plays hosts to millions of tracks from countless artists, now users can blast their tunes in the car through […]