We have been hearing rumors for a while now that Fujifilm could be developing a new X-Pro camera in the form of the X-Pro3. It looks like the rumors were true after all because at the Fujifilm X Summit in Tokyo, the company has officially confirmed that they are developing the X-Pro3 camera.

In fact, the upcoming X-Pro3 is expected to come with a host of changes to its design that weren’t in the previous model. One of those changes include the use of titanium. Most cameras are typically made using magnesium alloy or aluminum as they are better as dissipating heat and are easier to work with.

However, the upside to titanium is that it is more durable, and that is why Fujifilm has decided to build certain parts of the camera with the material. In addition to the use of titanium, Fujifilm also claims to have upgraded the viewfinder system on the X-Pro3. The upgrades are said to help reduce distortion significantly and also increase the angle of view, so that users will be able to see more of their frame.

Last but not least and possibly the biggest change, Fujifilm has opted to “ditch” the rear LCD viewfinder. The company claims that the goal is to keep photographers looking through the viewfinder instead of the screen. However, it won’t be completely gone, but rather it is hidden and can be pulled down if photographers really need it.

This might be a bit of a controversial design and it remains to be seen how well-received it will be. The Fujifilm X-Pro3 will be officially announced on the 23rd of October, so we’ll have more details in the coming weeks.

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