Despite the Nintendo Switch Lite being pretty much brand new, we have started hearing reports that some owners are already experiencing controller drift issues. In case you’re unfamiliar, this is where there are issues with the controller in which the system thinks the controller is moving even if the user is not touching it.

This can be annoying especially when playing certain games as it means that you are making moves you did not intend to make. However, it seems that Nintendo could already be working on a fix. In a recent FCC filing, it appears that Nintendo could have an updated version of the console in the works sporting the identification number BKEHDH002.

This is versus the original Switch Lite that had the identification number BKEHDH001, suggesting that this could be a minor update to the console’s hardware. While it was not specified as to what those changes could be, it has been suggested that it could be a fix for the controller problem, although we’re wondering why it was even present in the console to begin with.

A teardown by YouTuber Spawn Wave found that the controls used in the Switch Lite are similar to the Joy-Cons, which also had drift problems, suggesting that the problems could have been carried forward. Nintendo is currently facing a class-action lawsuit over the Switch’s Joy-Con problems, with the Switch Lite having been recently added to the mix.

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