If you thought that Nintendo was done creating new hardware experiences for the Switch with their Labo kits, think again. This is thanks to a new teaser video released by the company in which new hardware experiences for the console have been hinted at. It is unclear as to what kind of accessories we are looking at, but it looks interesting.

According to the video, it seems to be some kind of circular accessory that is stretchy and expandable. It also seems that you can wrap things around your legs and squeeze it, giving gamers a new way of enjoying their games on the Switch console. It seems like it would be more suited for party-style games, so if you do enjoy these types of games, then this could be worth keeping an eye out for.

Nintendo has typically released games and accessories that take advantage of its hardware. For example, when the Switch was first launched, one of the highlights of the console was the 1-2 Switch game that allowed gamers to make full use of its Joy-Con controllers in unique and fun ways.

We’re not sure how this new accessory will work just yet, but Nintendo is planning to announce something on the 12th of September, so we should have more details next week.

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