If you’re an avid Instagram user, chances are that you might end up following hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Eventually, you start to forget who you are following and probably don’t see the majority of those people on your feed. If you’re looking to help trim some of the fat, Instagram could be looking to lend a helping hand.

A recent tweet by researcher Jane Manchung Wong has revealed that Instagram is testing out a new feature that will help make it easier for users to choose who to unfollow. This is based on accounts that you might interact with the least, and also accounts that are not shown as often on your feed based on the last 90 days.

Instagram’s feed is currently based on an algorithm where it shows accounts that you interact with the most frequently at the top. It assumes that these are the accounts that mean the most to you or that you enjoy seeing. While it might not necessarily be true that you have no interest in the other accounts, it could be that they are no longer as relevant to you as before, and that maybe it could be time to unfollow them if you’re looking to clean up your “Following” list.

We’re not sure when this feature will be rolling out, but it could be useful for those whose “Following” list has grown a bit out of hand over the years.

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