The New-York based startup ‘Mirror’ announced that it will start offering personal training sessions using its $1500 interactive mirror.


In general, you use the interactive mirror to stream exercise classes and follow the instructions for workout activities.

It functions the same way as you would expect from a workout app with lessons and videos. However, the mirror is an interactive way to get an immersive experience while trying to learn and exercise at the same time.

The usual interactive sessions cost $30 per month as a subscription. Now, in addition to the on-demand exercise classes, it will start focusing on providing personal training services.

In other words,  with the ‘Mirror’, you will be able to have a personal trainer walk you through the steps and procedures for a workout session that is suitable to you.

Not just limited to the steps – the personal trainer can guide you through the whole session (depending on when you work out).

Even though the pricing for the personal training service has not been finalized. It is expected to be around $40 per 30 minutes of the session.

The pricing might make it seem like a big catch but it looks like it targets the premium customers obsessed with fitness while having the convenience to have someone guide them remotely.

So, you do not have to go to the gym and still have a personal trainer digitally? What do you think about that?

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