These days, there is a lot of emphasis on producing clean and sustainable forms of energy. We’ve seen many countries around the world adopt a variety of green initiatives, such as using solar, hydro, and kinetic energy. Now over in New York City, it seems that they will be attempting to become slightly greener by replacing its gas peaker plants in favor of what is being referred to as the world’s largest storage battery.

Ravenswood Development, the current owner of the peaker plants, is expected to build these batteries in three phases, 129 MW, 98 MW, and 89 MW, with the first phase to be completed by March 2021. There is still no word on when the second and third phases are expected to be complete.

That being said, the company acknowledges that the energy stored in the battery could still potentially come from non-sustainable sources like coal or natural gas, but at the same time, it should be noted that these batteries are still expected to be greener than gas peaker plants. This is because gas plants tend to emit high levels of carbon dioxide, so by switching to the use of storage batteries, at the very least it will reduce the CO2 emissions.

It is also expected that over time, as more renewable energy is introduced, the overall emissions will be lowered even further.

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