samsung spaceselfie

Samsung, in a move to promote the Galaxy S10, started to use high-altitude balloons to promote their flagships. But, it didn’t end well – for the balloon.

The ‘SpaceSelfie’ balloon crashed in someone’s yard. The Michigan couple found it in their yard and reported the same on October 26th.

Fortunately, the balloon did not cause any harm or damaged the property in any way. In case you did not know about Samsung’s ‘SpaceSelfie’, you may check it out here:

So, the ‘SpaceSelfie’ was supposed to let you upload your selfies from the ground which was added as an overlay to the footage of the planet from the balloon floating 65,000 feet above the Earth (inside the atmosphere).

It definitely looks something interesting – however, the potential concern for such marketing methods should be re-considered. The balloon is believed to be half of the size of a basketball court – which could have caused a lot of issues to the general public.

Even though it was expected to fly until October 31st with a safe landing, failure of it raises a lot of questions for public safety.

Samsung clarified and apologized that it was an unfortunate crash due to the weather conditions in the US.

What’s your take on similar promotional methods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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