self sanitizing door handle

If you are someone who prefers everything to be perfectly clean (and 100% germ-free), chances are you might see the door handles as something dirty.


Of course, a lot of people will use the door handles (you just cannot stop them from doing that). So, you have to either clean them regularly or just bear with it.

Fret not, the students from the University of Hong Kong (Sum Ming Wong and Kin Pong Li) invented something that will automatically clean the door handles and keep it germ-free, as reported by Dezeen.

It is not a robot – but a self-sanitizing door handle. In other words, the door handle will clean itself without any external help.

Technically, it uses light to sterilize itself. It is essentially a glass tube with aluminum caps at each end.

A thin coating on the glass tube is responsible to decompose bacteria. However, the UV ray starts the chemical reaction with the thin coating which helps sanitize the door handle.

The handle includes an internal generator that produces the UV rays by converting the kinetic energy (from the motion of door opening and closing) into light energy.

If you take a look at what we explained, it sounds very simple. But, indeed, it is a clever solution that no one thought of yet.

It also happens to be one of the winning entries for the ‘James Dyson Award‘.

Will you considering a self-sanitizing door handle? What do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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