pixel 4When the Pixel 4 was announced, one of the features Google boasted about the phone was its 90Hz Smooth Motion display. However, when the phone was released, it was discovered that the 90Hz display was not persistent. This meant that the display would actually switch between 90Hz and 60Hz depending on the situation, which was clearly not very ideal.

However, Google later announced that they would be addressing the issue by releasing an update. The good news for Pixel 4 owners is that it looks like the update is here. Unfortunately, Google does not detail what kind of changes that they have made, but if the update is in accordance to what the company had promised, which was a more consistent 90Hz refresh rate, then that’s pretty much what we should expect from it.

That being said, it’s actually not necessarily a bad thing that the Pixel 4’s display shifted from 90Hz to 60Hz. This helps the phone conserve battery life, but for those who are sensitive to refresh rate changes, then the shift can be jarring. In addition to “fixing” the refresh rate, the update is also expected to include some improvements to the camera quality on the phone, so if you have the Pixel 4, then this update could be worth checking out.

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