Google’s Stadia game streaming service will be going live on the 19th of November, but if you are planning on using the service, you might want to take note that during a recent AMA held on Reddit, Google has revealed that not all of Stadia’s features will be available at launch, so that could be worth your consideration.


So what won’t be available at launch? According to Google, features such as achievements will not be available at launch, although the company does expect it to be available shortly after. It also seems that family sharing will not be available, meaning that while parents will still be able to take advantage of parental controls through Family Link, they won’t be able to share games with their kids.

Google also notes that in terms of streaming, they will only be making it available for Pixel phones at launch, so if you do not own a Pixel device but own another Android phone or an iOS device, then you’d be out of luck. However, Google is aiming to make streaming more widely available next year, but when exactly that will be remains to be seen.

For gamers who are also hoping to take advantage of Stadia through the Chromecast Ultra, you will only be able to use it with the Chromecast Ultra that ships with the Founder’s Edition, but other Chromecast Ultras are expected to eventually get an update that will make it compatible. We suppose this doesn’t really come as a surprise, so like we said, if you are planning on using Stadia on launch day, these are some of the considerations you will have to make. In the meantime, these will be the titles that will be available for streaming on launch day itself.

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