Stadia Pro To Offer Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition & Farming Simulator 19 For Free
We already witnessed Google’s addition of 10 new games for Stadia’s launch to make it more appealing. However, it looks like, there are more decisions to be taken for the ‘Pro’ Stadia subscribers.For the month of December, Google’s Stadia will offer 4 games in total for free – without needing to purchase them. They have announced the details on their Stadia community blog.While we have Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and […]

Some Developers Are Worried That Google Could One Day Kill Stadia
Over the years, Google has launched many products and services. Some have gone on to become staples in our everyday lives, such as Google Search and Gmail, while others have fallen by the wayside. This is normal since it doesn’t make sense for any company to continue investing time and resources into a product or service that simply isn’t profitable.

Google Stadia Will Not Launch With All Of Its Features
Google’s Stadia game streaming service will be going live on the 19th of November, but if you are planning on using the service, you might want to take note that during a recent AMA held on Reddit, Google has revealed that not all of Stadia’s features will be available at launch, so that could be worth your consideration.

Google Stadia Launch Day Titles Revealed
Google Stadia will be launching on the 19th of November, and as expected, there will be a bunch of games that will be available to play at launch. If you’re wondering what games will be available, it seems that there will be at least 12 titles that will be playable when Stadia eventually goes live.


Nest WiFi Will Have A ‘Gaming Preferred’ Mode That Will Favor Stadia
Google Stadia will be going live later this month and while it does away with the need to own high-end gaming hardware, what it will require more so than ever is enough bandwidth and a fast enough internet connection to ensure that your gaming sessions do not get interrupted. The good news is that if you own a Google or Nest WiFi device, it could be to your advantage.

Google Stadia Will Require WiFi To Play At Launch
Game streaming could be the way of the future. The concept of game streaming is that most of the hard work is done remotely which reduces some of the bottlenecks that gamers face, which is on the hardware front where some gamers might have less than ideal experiences due to lower-end hardware.

Google Stadia Will Be Launching On November 19
Earlier this year, Google confirmed that they would be launching their game streaming service, Stadia, this coming November. Now the company has confirmed when exactly in November it will be launching, and if you’re interested, you’ll want to mark the date down for the 19th of November.

Google Stadia To Combat Lab With ‘Negative Latency’
If there was a reason why game streaming took this long to take off, it would be due to lag. Over the years, our internet connectivity has gotten a lot better which can help facilitate smoother gameplay, but can you imagine trying to stream a game only to be continuously interrupted due to latency issues?

Google Reminds Gamers That Stadia Isn’t The ‘Netflix For Games’
When Google announced Stadia, they announced that one of the options that users could look forward to was a $9.99 subscription plan. This subscription plan allows gamers to stream their games at a higher quality, while also giving gamers access to a catalog of older games, but Google wants to clarify this service.

Stadia Controller Won’t Support Bluetooth Headsets At Launch
Some more information has emerged about Stadia, Google’s game streaming service, this week. It’s about the Stadia controller in particular. It turns out that the Stadia controller from Google isn’t going to have the ability to stream game audio wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones or gaming headsets when it arrives later this year.

Stadia Games Will Be Playable Even If Publishers No Longer Support Platform
Google continues to reveal more information about its upcoming Stadia cloud gaming service. There’s an interesting bit of information that the company has now confirmed on its FAQ page for the service. It confirms that Stadia games will remain playable even if a publisher pulls support for its platform. Something like this rarely happens but Stadia subscribers will be happy to know that they will be covered either way.

UPlay Plus Is Ubisoft’s Game Subscription Service For PC And Stadia
Ubisoft wants a piece of the game subscription action as well and the publisher has now announced its very own service at E3 2019. UPlay Plus is a game subscription service for PC gamers which will provide subscribers with access to more than 100 titles published by Ubisoft. The service isn’t all that dissimilar to EA’s Origin Access or Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Google Stadia To Let Publishers Offer Their Own Subscriptions
Google recently detailed the pricing for its subscription-based game streaming service. Some additional information has now been revealed by the head of Stadia, Phil Harrison. He mentioned that the company will allow game publishers who distribute their games through Stadia to offer their own game subscriptions through the service.

Destiny 2 Gets Cross-Save Support For PS4, Xbox One, PC, And Stadia
As part of its new Shadowkeep year three update, Bungie is bringing cross-progression to Destiny 2. Players will be able to benefit from cross-save support for the title on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google’s Stadia game streaming service. The announcement comes mere months after Bungie announced its split with publishing partner Activision.