If you’re one of the many, many gamers who have been wishing and hoping for Half-Life 3, you’re could be in luck, sort of. This is because Valve has officially announced a new Half-Life game, but unfortunately, it is not Half-Life 3 that we’ve all been waiting for. Instead, Valve has announced Half-Life: Alyx.

Details of the game are scarce but Valve has stated that they will be revealing more details this coming Thursday. However, based on what the company has mentioned, this will be a new flagship VR game, but we will definitely have to wait until this Thursday if we want to find out more.

That being said, Valve looking into VR isn’t new or surprising. The company did work with HTC on developing the HTC Vive VR headset, and last we heard, there were rumors suggesting that Valve could also be working with Apple on developing the company’s rumored AR headset. It will be interesting to see what Half-Life: Alyx could be about, and whether or not this will be a brand new game or if it could be Valve repurposing older Half-Life games and giving it a VR makeover.

In any case, do check back with us in the next couple of days for when Valve takes the wraps off its latest Half-Life game.

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