Image credit – Sinchew

While many smartphone companies might not agree on design, specs, software, and features, there is one thing that they can agree on and that is using official (or officially licensed) accessories. We have heard of many stories in the past about how using an unofficial accessory could result in death or fire, and it looks like we have another story to add to that list.

According to a report from Malaysian publication Sinchew, it seems that three houses caught on fire after one of residents in one of the houses was using a fake mobile phone charger which exploded. It seems that the fire was so great that not only did it set fire to the original house, but it was big enough where it eventually spread to the houses surrounding it.

The report says that one of the people staying in the house heard a loud explosion from one of the rooms. It was discovered that it had come from the charger, and that they tried to put out the fire by dousing it with water, which clearly did not work. Firefighters had to be called but when they arrived, the house was estimated to have been 85% burnt, while the neighboring houses were said to have been burnt by around 5-10%.

Thankfully, there were no reported casualties as both families in the neighboring houses were out for dinner.

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