We’ve all received phone calls from unknown callers before. However, in this day and age where we are starting to receive spam, scam, and robocalls, we understand that many of us are hesitant to pick up these calls, even if it could be a legit call. Thankfully, if you’re a Google Fi user, Google has some new features in place to protect you against that.


According to Google, some of the changes they’re making to Google Fi includes a new feature that comes in the form of spam call warnings. As the name implies, this means that if Google Fi detects a call on your phone that could be coming from a number that is known for spam, it will warn you to it.

This means that you will get the option of rejecting the call, knowing that there is a good chance that it is probably spam. According to Google, “Spam call warnings and the ability to block specific numbers are now available on all phones compatible with Fi—including iPhone—so you don’t have to worry about unwanted calls.”

In addition to spam call warnings, Google has also announced that they will be extending their enhanced VPN network and WiFi calling to all Android phones on Google Fi, giving users additional calling options as well as enhanced security and privacy.

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