Nintendo’s Switch console has been doing rather well and we imagine that it is probably a holiday present that many people are after. In fact, that’s exactly what happened because according to the numbers, it seems that the Nintendo Switch has done very well for itself over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Based on the numbers, it seems that just in the US alone, Nintendo has managed to sell a whopping 800,000 units of the Switch console. This brings the total number of Switches sold in the US so far to a whopping 17.5 million units. We’re not sure what the split is between the Switch and the Switch Lite, but we imagine that the cheaper Switch Lite probably contributed to these figures.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Nintendo recently released the Switch Lite which is a version of the Switch designed to be portable. While the current Switch is portable, the Switch Lite is even more so combined with the fact that its controllers cannot be removed. It is also cheaper which makes it more appealing.

In addition to over 800,000 units of the Switch sold, Nintendo’s software offerings also appear to have done pretty well where Mario Kart 8 Deluxe managed to reach 8.5 million units in sales, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also breaking the 8 million mark, while Super Mario Odyssey managed to sell 6.5 million units.

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