With news, we can easily consume it in digital form thanks to the internet, our computers, smartphones, and tablets. It was largely thought that this could also apply to magazines, but it seems that as far as Google is concerned, perhaps not. The company has sent out emails to digital magazine subscribers informing them that they will be ending the service.


According to the email, “This notification is to inform you that we’re discontinuing print-replica magazines in Google News. This means you won’t be able to purchase new print-replica magazine issues or renew your subscription via Google News.” It should be noted that this applies to “print replica” magazines, which are basically digital scans of print magazines.

This was one of the ways that companies brought magazines to mobile devices, which works great on tablets, but less so on smartphones due to the design nature of said magazines. That being said, while subscriptions will be coming to an end, those who have already subscribed and bought issues will continue to be able to access it even after the service has ended.

Google also mentions that the last payment for subscriptions will be refunded to customers and it should be completed in the next 30 days.

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