One of the cool features of the Pixel 4 from 2019 was the Google Recorder app. While audio recording apps aren’t new and are pretty much a standard app that is bundled with smartphones, the Google Recorder app had the added bonus feature of being able to transcribe recordings in real-time.

This means that you could not only get an audio recording, but also a written transcription of that recording as well. Now it looks like Google is planning on rolling out a similar feature to Google Translate, where the company has recently preview an almost-similar transcription feature to its translation platform.

At the moment, Google Translate already helps users converse in multiple languages and translates them in real-time. However, with this new feature, it will support longer-form conversations and speech. This means that if you’re trying to record a television show or a lecture that’s spoken in another language, then this upcoming feature will help you do that while transcribing and translating at the same time.

The feature isn’t live yet but according to Google, they expect that the new transcribe feature will be launching “in the future”, so we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more info.

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