When Pokemon GO was first released, one of the (perhaps) unintended side-effects of the game was that it forced players to walk around a lot, and as such, it allowed players to do more exercise than they normally would. Now it looks like we have a success story where a student claims to have lost 140 pounds playing the game.

According to the report, Tommy Monkhouse is crediting the game for helping him lose as much as 140 pounds in a year ever since he started playing. He claims to have been a fan of Pokemon ever since he was young, and decided to pickup Pokemon GO after a friend had recommended it to him.

For those unfamiliar with how Pokemon GO works, it is basically a location-based game where players will literally need to walk to specific locations if they want to take part in raids, challenge gyms, and catch Pokemon. This means that the more avid players will actually walk around areas in order to try and catch as many Pokemon as possible, and as such, get in a bit of exercise at the same time.

Due to the fact that this is a game, we suppose it makes it a lot more entertaining compared to regular running or jogging or going to the gym. According to Monkhouse, he eventually ended up going on 3 hour walks, resulting in him losing an incredible amount of weight in the span of a year.

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