Normally researchers look for biological signs to spot extraterrestrial life.


Also, to make it easy, some focus on to look for technosignatures. Some even consider the search for extraterrestrial life as the search for technosignatures.

We wouldn’t be too sure about how it works, but it looks like if you’re using AI to look for aliens, it may not be a good idea.

A new research paper hints that AI could potentially trick us into thinking that alien life exists in the process of looking for technosignatures.

To give you an idea, the technosignatures can be just about anything in the space (with radio signals, unidentified particles, and so on). Basically, the research paper is trying to say that AI could lead us to believe that there is an alien civilization that does not exist for real.

In other words, the computer vision model may not be perfect enough to exactly determine the existence of an alien life form.

The study also mentions that human perception and decision-making is still the last part of the chain in any data analysis or interpretation of results or outcomes.

So, even if AI makes things easier (or automate things in a way), it is still far from perfect to help to explore the universe to look for an alien life form.

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