When it comes to watching live streams of people playing games, Twitch is more or less the default platform that many turn to. Over the years, Twitch has since expanded beyond gaming to other kinds of interests, but now according to a new report, it seems that Amazon wants to bring Twitch to businesses as well.

This is based on a report from The Information (paywall) in which Amazon could be looking to sell Twitch’s streaming technology to businesses where it would be similar to how Amazon Web Services works. This means that while Twitch itself will continue to be focused on entertainment and gaming, the technology powering the service could also be used by businesses who might see a need for live streaming technology as well.

The report claims that this is due to the fact that Twitch is capable of allowing people to host live streams while allowing hosts interact with their audiences, and it is done smoothly and affordably, which could give them an advantage over other streaming platforms. Given that we’ve seen YouTube and Microsoft enter the streaming space, it’s not surprising that Amazon will want to expand Twitch beyond just gaming to stay competitive.

There is currently no word on when Amazon plans on selling Twitch’s streaming technology to businesses, but like we said, if and when it does, it shouldn’t really come as a complete surprise.

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