We’ve heard about unintentional notification messages from third-party applications.


However, a push notification from Samsung via Find My Mobile app that does not make sense could be alarming.

And, that’s what happened recently.

Samsung accidentally sent a message that included “1” as the message via Find My Mobile app. Originally, the message arrived a while back (Thursday morning).

The message was received by several Samsung users including the new Samsung S flagship devices and the Galaxy Z Flip.

A lot of users were confused about what it was – some thought that their device was possibly compromised and others were clueless about it.v

While Samsung addressed the situation with a tweet that the message was sent unintentionally for internal testing.

The official statement assured the users that it wasn’t anything serious but a mistake from their end as a dummy notification. So, if you are one of the Samsung users, you should simply ignore it.

Even though the alert was somewhat alarming, it is worth noting that it was officially confirmed as an unintentional notification. So, it is safe to assume that it was completely harmless no matter what Samsung device you have.

What did you think about the notification when you got it, considering that you’re one of the affected Samsung users?

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